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A New Low for the ABC
May 17, 2008, 11:38 am
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A complaint that has often been made about the ABC is that it has a left wing bias. That to me has always been nonsense. The ABC has a show on Radio National called “Counterpoint” and has conservative columns on its new “unleashed” webpage. But the ABC has been displaying a trend towards well.. hooey.

In late 2006 the ABC screened a show called “Psychic Detectives” in the science hour of thrs night. This show was an unwatchable series of “psychics” who found clues while the police ignored them (how they could do this i dont know).

Today the ABC went one step further. The Unleashed page has featured the 911 truthers. This coalition of nuts, liars, racists, antisemites and the grieving is unfortunately escaping from youtube and going into the mainstream. They do not show their real politics, just vague eyewitness acounts and some largely discredited stuff about controlled demolitions, you do not have to go far to find their antisemitic core.

Now I’m quite a fan of the unleashed website. In fact it is one of the few discussion sites i can see at work. To give a forum to nuts and liars is to open the ABC up to all idiots.


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