Semi-Sane Rantings About Society Today

April 18, 2008, 5:27 am
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One of the proudest claims of the medical profession is the Hippocratic oath – a patient has the ultimate privacy. When it comes to pharmacies and dispensaries, its another matter – their oath is “anything goes provided we make lots of money”.

There are many things that are wrong with pharmacies. Any medical complaint you have, no matter how secret you want it kept will be revealed to someone in some way. When you take in a prescription the person in the line behind you sees it, particularly embarrassing if this person is a nosy neighbour. Often they ask inane questions about how many you are taking. Imagine having to buy contraceptives, condoms or rectinol!

Aside from that Chemists also sell things that don’t work!. Yes homeopathic, herbal and other alternative suplements are sold along side things that actually work. They also sell things that are not particularly healthy, how many chocolate bars (some disguised as diet bars) can a chemist possibly sell? May as well have cigarettes as well.!

If there was any way of avoiding going to the chemist I would like to know!


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